Our ‘Red King’ has commissioned me to prepare his archive, which is a big task, but beautifully complements the Splendor Solis ‘Starry books’ project (outlined in tracing-boards of symbols in the Splendor Solis Tarot book.) Mike’s astrological insights into the illuminations are as enlivening as his famous revelations about ‘the Joys of the Wandering Stars’ – one of the many papers to be added as the archive takes shape.

Meanwhile, here is Mike’s translation of good friend and master astrologer Denis Laboure’s  article on Hermetic Astrology.

Mike’s Words


Fom the Canonbury Institute for Masonic Research Spring-Summer lecture programme 2003.

…. And if you are wondering… Mike really did play the part of the Red King  – as you see in this programme from a memorable University Open Day exhibition of student and alumni works for the MA Transpersonal Arts & Practice, Saturday 16th June 2007. It’s a reminder of a glorious day, with particularly creative projects from students on Mike’s well-loved module ‘Anima Mundi: Hermes & the Soul of the World’.