Honouring the life-work and legacy of a great teacher

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Making a not-for-profit Community Interest Company is new, but the School’s name is timeless.
Memphis was Ancient Egypt’s original capital, renowned for its wonders.  The name itself means ‘Enduring and Beautiful.’  It was the city of ‘the White Walls,’ the ‘Place in which the Two Lands were united.’ For centuries, the temple schools of Memphis were the centre of alchemical study, discovering secrets of transformation and advancing metallurgical wisdom and artistic crafts, under the guidance of a three-fold Divine Artificer; Father-Mother-Child.  As historians tell us, the very name ‘Egypt’ is a Greek version of one of the names of Memphis.


Forget not Memphis… says the poet, founded in the wisdom of the heart, praised in ancient song….
'Golden in joy,
when earth brightens in her beauty
And Memphis is a bowl of fruit
Placed before the merciful of face.'

Egyptologist Alison Roberts; ‘My Heart My Mother, Death and Rebirth in Ancient Egypt,’
Northgate Publishers, E. Sussex, 2000, p10

Read the combined Programme & Tributes of Dr. Norman Capstick

The current incarnation of the School of Memphis was copyrighted in London over 60 years ago by Dr. Norman Capstick, MD FRCP.  He was following in the footsteps of his own teacher, the adept Dr. Agatha Mills.  Dr. Mills studied with masters in Cairo’s ancient university, Al-Azhar.  She worked with them to establish a new cycle of the alchemical teachings, focusing on an inner psychological-spiritual alchemy that would enable modern Westerners to discover and practice ‘the Art of Living Radiantly.’  She taught in London, from the 1940’s, passing the School to Dr. Capstick in the 1970’s.


Now, with Dr. Capstick’s recent transition, aged 93, and ‘Celebration of Life’ (see PDF) we, in turn, receive a legacy; an extensive Archive, a life-work of research, everything is given to the School, to support his will and intent – to bring the School into the public domain.  As ‘the Dr. Norman Capstick Research Foundation’ the first act is to create a Community Interest Company, establishing a legal identity, our not-for-profit status, and our desire to be of service to the community both locally and online.

Our intent to create the new Community Interest company; ‘School of Memphis,’ is being formally announced this Equinox. Here are some of the plans:

  1. Establish the Archive Library in suitable premises, as a permanent resource


  1. Run regular classes and courses, open to all who are interested.


  1. Teach, develop and support meditative practices, for reflection and inner research.


  1. Create an online community who can link up regularly and participate in many of the studies.


  1. Enable those with an interest and aptitude in the work to meet for a full schedule of school activities, leading to individual research projects.  ‘Imaginal Studies’ is itself one such project.


The website will be developed and expanded as we unfold this wonderful legacy.  To join the mailing list, to send in your own photos and tributes, to donate to the continuance and development of the School of Memphis, please be in contact.  As a first step, please email via the contacts page.  Later we will set up special pages for all the various activities.


Thank you – and do read the Programme and Tributes – they tell the story best of all.